How to Get Started Making Passive Income By Investing In Quarter-Acre Vacant Lots In Up-And-Coming Resort Communities!

Investing In Vacant Lots Is A Fast, EASY, & SAfe Way To 10x Your Investments - Beating Out Stocks, Mutual Funds, & ETC By MILES! 

This Real Estate Investment Strategy Is Non-Correlated Risk, headache free, passive income, and no tenants.

Michael Poggi

Owner & President at The Millionaires Real-Estate Investment Group

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How Old Are You Now? 40, 50, or 60 and still don't have enough to retire? How much money do you need to retire and quit working, if you choose to? $500k? $1 Million? $2 Million?

How much is enough to really live the rest of your life in comfort without having to go back to work? How much passive income a month do you need to live off of to retire and have extra left over for emergencies and never have to go back to work again?

Waiting and betting on the stock market is way too risky and could end up with you working the rest of your life. Holding stocks and mutual funds long-term is no longer a secure strategy; it's basically guessing and not good odds.

Too many things could go wrong and you could be stuck with less money than you have now, or have your mediocre return eaten up by inflation. 

If you don't do something about it now, you are going to regret it.  Most wealth is made from leveraging Real Estate  - NOT FROM THE STOCK MARKET!

Right now, you are probably working way too hard for your money and need to learn the secrets to make your money work hard for you!

Learn From The Expert!

This Land Investment Strategy Shows You How To Invest In 1/4 Acre Buildable Lots In The Fastest Growing Resort Communities In The Country. 

It Can Outperform Any Other Opportunity On The Market... And You Can Get Started For Very Little Money Down...

For too many of us, financial freedom seems just out of reach. Maybe it feels like everyone else has the secret to success, but for some reason we can't find it. 

And, for most us, we trust our stock brokers & financial planners to point us in the direction of profits; however, they are only looking out for their bottom line. The truth is the stock market SUCKS. There is no ability to leverage and no rental income. Basically, you are gambling with your hard-earned money. What you need to do is fire your stock broker or financial planner, take control of your future, and stop following the masses that invest incorrectly!

For Michael Poggi, that secret was hidden in cheap 1/4 acre building lots in fast growing resort communities. In this training he's teaching you his land investment strategy & secrets that will DOMINATE any other investment you make this year.

Did you know that you can use your current IRA or old 401k plan to invest in vacant lots by moving it to a self-directed IRA with no penalty? There is no way a stock broker or financial planner would tell you these secrets because they would worry about losing your business! 

Michael is going to teach you these secrets on how to get ahead exponentially faster by using some or all of your IRA or 401k plan funds using the land investment strategies & secrets of 2023. 



Michael Poggi

Professional Real Estate Investor & Author

I'm one of America's leading experts on unique turnkey, done-for-you, current real estate investments & wealth building strategies. I have over 25 years of experience in investing. Many mistakes I made were early on in life and were able to get those out of the way to become an expert at real estate investing. I'm an international speaker and author of several books on growing wealth tax-free.

I have founded and been the majority shareholder of numerous companies in the private sector. I'm an experienced real estate developer and investor of multi-million-dollar projects. I'm the president of The Millionaires Real Estate Investment Group, which is based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I've consulted and helped thousands of people grow their wealth exponentially using these secret tools.



When you attend, you'll receive a downloadable copy of Michael's short but powerful booklet Vacant Lot Profit Formula: How To Create Massive Returns TAX-FREE Using Michael Poggi's Turn-Key, Done-For-You Investing Formulas, free of charge!
These investment strategies have transformed the lives of hundreds of Michael's family, friends & students by giving them the tools and confidence to succeed. Get these for yourself!

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During Your Free Training About Making Passive Income With Land, You’ll Discover...

Secret #1

How to use your current IRA or 401k plan to be self-directed and invest in real estate.

Secret #2

The vacant lot investment strategy that is non-correlated risk, headache free, passive income, and no tenants!

Secret #3

How to build long term residual wealth for a financially secure future with very little money down!

If You Want Make Passive Income From Land... This Is The Training For You!

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